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Mosaics is about putting the pieces together into a harmonious, interesting, and exciting whole. Life is like that---it imitates art! Pick up the pieces and put them together again somewhere else in a new way!

My mosaics express my love of the out-of-doors (rocks, shells, gems, marble, bits of nature,) the elegance of painted china and glass, and a desire to recycle, honor, and preserve past creations of artists (jewelry, pottery shards, tiles.) I specialize in consoling people who break their favorite plates, glass objects and jewelry. Treasured pieces can be put together again in a new and meaningful ways--- in picture frames, memory jars, and vases, to name just a few.

As an artist, I have an abiding interest in playing with color, light, texture, shape and design. I hope that in each mosaic I create, the viewer can find some piece of him or herself and will continually be discovering more secrets in the designs. Commissions are welcomed.

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Judy Pendleton: Parker, Colorado


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All sales and custom order prices include tax charges within the Continental U.S. All transactions need to be handled by mail. Shipping charges will be added based on weight. I can accept checks or money orders, but these must be received and deposited before the artwork can be shipped.

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